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Taming the Data Lake - The Data Man

Taming the Data Lake

To date I’ve written two books ‘The Enterprise Data Model‘ and ‘Mastering your Data‘. The first has become a best seller on its topic and the second has done ok, just not hit the same stratisferic height (ha ha). Both books were written out of desire to share and an interest/enjoyment of writing.

I’m now looking to write my third book with a working title of ‘Taming the Data Lake’. This book is intended to help the reader to get the best out of Big Data whilst leveraging existing/more traditional technologies. It’s not so much about the technology but about the patterns and architecture that will enable success. The title has gone through a number of iterations; I started with ‘Big Data, Little Data’ moved onto Taming the yellow elephant’ and have currently settled on ‘Taming the Data Lake’.

In this world of online collaboration and crowd funding I though it would be fun, and even quite insightful, to involve you guys in the writing of this new book. My current view on the books structure is as follows:

Part 1 – What is all the noise about?

  • Introduction
  • History of Analytics
  • The Data Scientist

Part 2 – Technology and Architecture

  • Traditional Data Warehousing Architecture
  • Data Modelling
  • The Big Data Architecture
  • Graph Databases

Part 3 – Putting it all together

  • So what does good look like – the architectural blueprint
  • The cloud
  • The dimensions of data
  • How to stop yourself drowning in the Data Swamp
  • Maturity Model

Please let me know either as comments below or by contacting me directly your thoughts and views on the best structure/approach for addressing the subject matter.

Anyone with any content they want to contribute can also contact me and If I do use I will credit you in the book. I should make it clear that this must be your own content.

Many thanks in advance for your thoughts and views.

Andy Graham

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