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The Enterprise Data Model - The Data Man

The Enterprise Data Model

The Enterprise Data Model

Wouldn’t it be great to understand all the data in your organisation? Just imagine being able to define, agree and manage information concepts that impact on business strategy? Then image that these information concepts can be linked to the physical database attributes that ultimately are used to create them. That’s what this book is about. It focuses on the data model as the foundation for achieving this understanding.

This book provides a framework for the enterprise data model, the business reasons behind it and the differences between conceptual, logical  and physical data models. The question of how, and why, to use a data model artefact as part of the data governance toolkit for the whole enterprise is also addressed.

This publication is not an in-depth manual on how to model data for a new database system or your next design project. It instead focuses at a level above these implementation projects and addresses the issues that organisations typical struggle with, such as:

  • How do we provide a framework within which we can manage our data assets?
  • How do we develop applications that adhere to a set of data standards; without creating a nightmare of administration and governance that is both unwieldy and unusable?
  • How can we get business value from our enterprise data?

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